Thursday, October 21, 2010

All About Evil with Peaches Christ

[16th & Mission looks like a blur]

[Waiting in the rain]

[Peaches' Pre-show]

[Debórah's Number]

[Q&A with the stars]

Tonight was strange and amazing! After six months in the woods and five weeks at the Renaissance Faire, I found myself thrust into San Francisco for Peaches Christ's first showing of All About Evil at the Victoria Theater. If you are in SF and can get tickets, it's an event not to miss.

The plot of the movie centers around The Victoria and a woman who inherits it and a midnight movie show from her father. She takes her horror films a little too seriously and gory hilarity ensues. There are many scenes that were shot in that theater, and quite a few of them on that stage. It was a little surreal to see images of the stage and screen projected back onto that same screen. When they pan to the ceiling, we naturally looked up and, of course, there's the Victoria's ceiling, looking just like it does in the film.

Peaches has put together an amazing pre-show. It had a silly polish that was as jankety and jarring as we've come to expect from her. There were technical problems, missed cues and all of the things that make us scream with laughter. There were (uncharacteristically) well-rehearsed dance numbers and lots of special effects to wow us without detracting from the raw and real show that we love.

This show was a special treat for me. The last time I was in that theater was for the filming of the movie. It turned out that they needed extras at the exact times when I was available — late nights and days off from my occult retail job a year and a half ago. Well, making myself extremely available with such a flexible schedule does have its benefits. My bearded, cowboy hat-wearing visage made it into most of the scenes during the climactic theater sequence. The back of my head, in a wool skull cap, even appears right behind Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) when she's having a tiff with her son while waiting in line.

The film was great! It was expertly conceived and executed. There were many nods to the horror films that inspired it, but somehow they all became hilarious. John Waters told Peaches that she'd have a tough time finding her followers, but that they'd be extremely loyal once she did. A-yep! This film definitely has a limited appeal, but for those of us who "get it", we can't wait for more.

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