Friday, May 11, 2012

Help Me Get To Seattle By Buying Black?

Well, the infection that I wrote about yesterday got way worse over the last two days. I just got home from another trip to the doctor. They told me that I was allergic to the SSD antibiotic cream that I've been faithfully applying to my burn. As the "infection" got worse, I was more generous in my application of the cream. They've switched it for an ordinary bacitracin cream and think that it should look better in a few days.

Buuuuut, I can't set up a booth and stand on this leg all weekend greeting customers and selling garments. I was supposed to pack the van today and set up for the show tonight.

So I'm in trouble. These medical procedures are expensive and have now caused me to lose a batch of income. I really needed this income to pay for my trip to the first big show in Seattle next weekend. In a couple of months, I'll have some show income to cover things like this, but this is all hitting me right after I've paid all my fees for the year but before I've started making money.

Along with all of the bad news, I have had more interest in the black cloth than any other color that I've woven. So I want to ask a strange favor of y'all who read my blog...

Who wants to help me get to Seattle by preordering a black garment?

And here's what you'll get: a new black garment, delivered by the first of July at the absolute latest. (It will only be that late if this leg injury prevents me from weaving for another whole month.) Black cloth will cost 15% more because of the thread price, but I'll give it to my faithful friends and blog readers for the same price: $300 for a ruana, $150 for a shawl. And, I'll cover the cost of shipping.

So, what do you think? Do you want a black garment yourself? Can you help me get the word out to others?

Here are some photos of the threads that I'll use to make your cloth. First, the many spools in two shades of matte black.

Then, the plied threads in over 20 shades of shiny black with little splashes of dark colors.

And a closeup of the colored threads. Don't worry, though. These will not overwhelm the black. They'll be sparse enough to just make it look iridescent.

And finally, for those who aren't familiar with my garments, this is a ruana in deep purple. Yours will have the same luxurious drape and weight, but in dozens of shades of black.

And here is a shawl. It's a square approximately 53"x53" with fringe on two ends.

If you want to place a preorder, just send an email to me: blossom (at)

There are two options to get the payment to me. If I can call you to run your credit card over the phone, I'll have the money before my trip. If you pay me by PayPal, I'll have it in time to cover costs for the trip home.

If you want to pay by credit card, be sure to include your phone number in the email so I can call you to run it. If you want to use PayPal, just send the payment to my email address.

Please don't send your credit card number through email. That's just not safe. :)

Thanks so much for all of your support over the years and for helping yet again as I work to overcome what I hope is the last great obstacle to total self-sufficiency.

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