Saturday, May 14, 2011

Break From Blogging

Those of you that follow my blog have no doubt noticed that I disappeared for a while. There are many factors that are making this happen.

1. Spring is here, and with it comes the opening of the land. We move our household out of the main cabin and into the barn after cleaning and recomissioning the large kitchen.

2. Our first "festival". We hosted about 275 visitors for a week. It's a jarring culture shift for those living here and a TON of work to pull off.

3. Preparation for weaving sales at that festival. I needed to double-time it for a while to have enough merchandise off the loom so people could see what I do and help support me by buying beautiful clothing.

4. Training an assistant. Wispr is now fully trained in production weaving and sewing on the commercial machine. He's helping me get my inventory levels high enough to pursue new markets early this summer.

5. Blogging burnout. I feel like production isn't that exciting. I'm weaving 100 yards of blue. Before that was 80 yards of white. Next is 100 yards of red, then 100 yards of green, then 100 yards of brown, then 100 yards of black, then another 100 yards of blue. Once I've written and photographed the process in white, how interesting is it to see the same process in blue?

The result of this is that I'm rethinking the place of my blog in the overall picture. I'll probably stick to things that are new, which may mean that I blog less often.

On the other hand, energy is shifting around several large aspects of my life path. There is a group of people crystallizing around the idea of a new monastery. It will be exciting if we can start some real movement in that direction this year.

I am looking at retail space in Wolf Creek. It might be as early as July 1st that I move my weaving operation into a storefront right across the street from a historic inn. It would put my work in front of many more people, leading to sales and publicity. That whole process will certainly be something to write about.


Pickyknitter said...

I enjoy your posts, observations and watching the cloth form. Not boring to me! I also enjoy your posts about expanding your market. Good fortune in your new ventures!

Milly said...

It sounds like your life is truly full and how beautiful is that! But I love reading your blog no matter the content, it is the "you" of the blog that makes it interesting not the color of the weaving that week. (Not that the color and the weaving isn't wonderful too).
I will enjoy and learn from whatever you post whenever you decide to post it. Love you!