Friday, May 20, 2011

Lots Of Fringed Scarves

I'm at the end of the blue beam. Now that I've got the big garments I wanted, it's time to use the odds and ends of plied yarn to make scarves. It seems funny to make so many scarves just as the weather warms up, but I know that I'll be happy when December rolls around and I have 100 scarves to sell.

1 comment:

eldriwolf said...

Looks *beautiful!*
Can I say what a Silly thing I am?
I did not think to think that *Naturally* the fringe is left unwoven!
I have spent Way too long *unweaving* cloth to create fringes--(Or adding them to a hemmed or selvedged edge)
of Course you would do it thay, how else would be senseable---but i did not think of it..