Friday, October 12, 2012


Today I'll keep it short and sweet. Calorie tracking combined with healthy eating and exercise really work at burning off fat. And MyNetDiary really works at providing the information necessary to take control of the whole endeavor.

Here's a chart of where I've been... See those two little plateaus with the labels? Those are periods of time when I didn't meet my goals. The first time I went to visit some friends, ate Mexican food with flour tortillas and drank bourbon. Then, seeing the results and knowing that I had another "free rein" weekend coming up, I precrastinated, losing extra weight for the week leading up to that show.

Today you'll notice a significant dip in my weight. I've stepped up the exercise while stepping down the snacks for a couple of days in preparation for a weekend of fun. I'm not going to go crazy and eat deep-fried ice cream in sugar-coated funnel cakes, but I won't be getting my exercise no matter how good I eat. And, since I'm with friends, I just might eat a meal or two that's "off the plan". It's fine. I'll be back on track before my show next weekend.

Here's another chart that I use daily to hone my fat loss. You'll notice that its getting harder to lose fat than it was in the beginning. I've had to start shorting myself by an extra 500-1000 calories a day to get the same result. Don't worry, I'm not starving myself. It's just the opposite. I'm eating more fat and protein and exercising more every day. The better shape I get in, the easier this is to do without any noticeable muscle strain at all.

And I did really screw up one day. I had to weave at full speed for 12 hours straight to have ruanas sewn in time for a show. I ate the same amount but still found myself at a significant caloric loss that night. I'll watch for that in the future!

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