Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blue Is On The Loom!

I finally got the photos off the camera. Along with the photo I just took of the finished beam, I also found some "beauty shots" of the process.

Here is a shelf of plied cones waiting for their turn to be added to the warp. This is about 25 of the 50 different "shades" of thread that went into this cloth.

And here's a closeup of one set of threads as they get wound onto the loom. This is in the Navy-Purple section, but you can see how much denim, blue, and green are in there, too. This color mixing is one of the secrets to my cloth.

I put an "extra" 20 yards on this beam, too. See how full it's packed?

And here's the latest blue design! It goes from a deep navy with hints of purple to deep blue-green.


Mostly blue


But don't forget that I make the warps way more extreme than the final cloth will look. When the weft threads are added, they will dilute these color shifts and look like a variety of rich blues.

In a few days you'll see the sample blanket and get an idea of just how blue this cloth is.

If you'd like a piece woven from this cloth, the earlier you contact me the better. Time flies and this cloth will be woven and sold before you know it! And don't forget... Blog readers get 25% off until the end of the year.

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