Sunday, December 23, 2012

2400 Feet Means SNOW!!!

Those of you who've followed my blog for the last few years will recall that I seem to move my studio every six months or so. This has been the result of growing fast, gaining independence, and finally, relocating our whole group to the mountains.

I've spent a number of winters in Southern Oregon, but always at around 1,000 feet elevation. Yes, it snows, but it's never more than a foot or so and it generally melts within a few days. Yeah, sometimes it sticks around for a week or two, maybe even as much as a month, but that's pretty rare.

The mountains are different. We have had snow nonstop for almost a week now. It's real snow, too. Sometimes a foot or more a day. And, yes, it warms up between squalls, but not enough to really melt much.

These are the steps that lead to my studio. In the two days since I shoveled, about three feet of snow has landed on them. This is helped by the fact that the roof dumps directly onto them. I spent extra time shoveling off the roof before even starting on the steps.

Yesterday, the first hour of my work day went toward gaining access to the studio. This snow was extremely wet and heavy, requiring extra work to get it unstuck from the shovel. I guess this counts as a cardio workout, don't ya think?

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