Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Purple Samples: Time For Preorders!

I was so excited about the sample blanket that I removed it from the loom and washed it as fast as I possibly could. Below I've captured the center of each stripe. There is a little bit of all the shades of weft in this part so you can get an idea of how they interact with the weft.

A couple people were so anxious for the purple that they placed their orders when they saw the beam. If anyone else is interested, you can use the guide below to get an idea of the weft color range that excites you the most.

And don't forget, blog readers get 25% off.

(Please don't ask me to weave a piece with stripes like the sample blanket. It takes so long to set up the weft for each bobbin that I would need to charge a lot more if I did that.)

Straight off the loom

The whole blanket




Green (!)



Concord Grape


Deep Purple


Royal Blue




msvos said...

Absolutely beautiful. You have a real winner here!

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks! The jury's still out on how well customers like the purple. This weekend will tell us for sure!

Blossom Merz said...

Well, you are right! Every piece of purple that I weave sells as soon as I show it. And I give thanks to the muse for squarely nailing what the people want. Woohoo!