Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Blue Sample Blanket, Ready For Preorders

It's that time again! Time to let me know if you're interested in getting a garment from the latest batch of cloth.

I have made a decision about these special orders, though. You can decide which shade you'd like, and that's the only customization I can offer. I will only weave finished items that I make already: ruanas, short ruanas, and shawls. No more yardage or custom sizes. It's just too much administrative overhead.

Enough on that... On to the sample blanket!

Here are the bobbins that went into it.

And here's the result. Notice that I added one extra stripe all the way to the left. I had to try crossing the blue with yellow.

Chrome Yellow. I hate it. The light value saps the warp of its color and the hue flattens anything that would be left. Ah, well, I had to try it once, right?




Varsity Green


Dark Green

Sky Blue


Denim Blue

Ultramarine Purple

Navy Blue/Black

And here's how to order: send me an email.
1. Tell me which color swatch is most attractive to you
2. Tell me which garment style you are interested in.
3. Give me the email address that you use with PayPal and I'll send you an invoice or give me your phone number and I'll call you to get credit card info.
4. Give me your shipping address. Shipping is free.

Ruanas: $420
Small Ruanas: $315
Square Shawls: $210

Your order will ship out in about three weeks after I've woven your piece and stitched it up.

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