Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Little Garden

Today's blog entry is a photo essay about the new little deer-proof garden.

And, lest you think that I am a miracle worker, able to design and weave cloth while simultaneously building a garden, I need to come clean. I hired a friend to put in the raised beds for me. There really are just so many hours in a day and the business is requiring all of them and then some right now. Yes, I helped a little, but Chad did most of the real work...

Before: lots of brush

Clearing the site

Building the boxes, complete with weed barrier and chicken wire to keep gophers out. Chad did this at his house where there are tools and electricity.

Boxes leveled and filled within a temporary deer fence.

Finally! The indigo plants will be much happier in a real box of soil. Tonight I'll plant the dahlias and tomorrow I leave for a week with another friend coming over to hand water the garden. I really hopes this all works out.

I'll eventually be building a water tower for off-grid pressurized storage to run an automatic drip irrigation system. But that's not now. For now, it all needs to be watered by hand every day.

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