Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beam Switch Day, New Booth Demo

Today's a critical day in the preparation of the Wildfire beam. It moved from the "winding loom" to the production loom. I've woven just enough blue to get me by so it can sit on the almost-ready-to-weave-on loom while I prepare and weave some Wildfire.

Before: blue is in production.

After: wildfire is ready to prep for production.

If you look at the previous two shots again you can see that I'm working on the new booth at the same time in the same space. I need to take real measurements from it and count the parts that I have so that I can order the missing parts and block out the exact size of the new graphics and get them printed.

Here's how the booth (barely) fits into the studio.

And here's a panorama of one configuration of the new open layout. Now that I have good measurements I can order the new certified-flame-resistant opaque drapes.

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