Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day In The Weaving Studio: Time Lapse

[Time lapse: one day of production weaving compressed to two minutes.]

Here's what you're seeing:
1. Cloth winding onto the takeup beam. Every tag on the white string marks a yard.
2. Winding bobbins to weave off. Watch the cones get smaller as the box fills up with wound bobbins.
3. More cloth winding. This time you can see the warp threads unspooling from the beam at the same time.
4. More cloth winding. This time you can see the dobby bars moving through the box and the weight going up and down to keep tension on the takeup beam. Notice the unwoven fringe section as it moves through the loom.

A while ago, I decided to show what a day in the weaving studio looks like. I've said before that contract production weaving is extremely repetitive. I just do the same thing over and over, creating yards of cloth for Annie to make into garments to sell in her Renaissance Faire booths.

There's a terrible cold going around the community. I've lost a few days to it now. One day I'll have a debilitating head cold, the next day I'll be fine. Two days later another explosive sinus nightmare, the next day I'm fine.

Today it's serious enough that I can't ignore it. My lungs are full of fluid and my body aches from fever. I'm spending the day in bed with a jug of water and a bottle of Nyquil. It's giving me time to write a blog post, though! (In between the wasted but asymptomatic hours of dammerschlaf. Thanks, medicine!)

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