Friday, July 29, 2011

Booth Has A Roof

For the last few days, while I've been tying 1200 knots to get the red beam ready to weave, Wispr has been sewing up a storm. He has taken my bare booth frame and turned it into a beautiful shady space.

The beauty is in the details:
- it is tightly fit, giving a very professional look
- the ties are made from scrap, so match perfectly
- the front of the roof joists fit into perfectly tailored sleeves
- even the back corners are crisp and square

The next steps are to figure out the booth fixtures and design the side and back panels around them. Then we'll need matching skirts and paint on the bare wood and we'll be ready to show!

By the time it was done, the studio was too dark to photograph it. This was great, since it gave me a chance to time myself striking it and setting it up again, twice.

Tear down: 2 minutes.
Set up: 3 minutes for the frame, 4 minutes for the roof

Of course, this will increase when we add the rest of the fixtures, but it looks like I'll easily be able to set up and tear down the booth, including hanging the garments, in less then 30 minutes. That's exactly what I wanted.

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