Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kickstarter Project, Just One Week Left

A little while back I wrote about the Kickstarter project I started to get the yarn I'll need to keep our new collective busy and roll out a bunch of new cloth and garments.

Due to the absolute strangeness of the last couple of months, I'm really behind on publicizing that project. I've put my marketing engine into high gear, but I'm almost at the end of places I can ask for support.

Right now we're just above 40% of our goal, with about $3,000 left to raise. We need to raise about $400 a day for the next week in order to make it. That's 150 people pledging $20 each to receive a cell phone pouch, 60 people pledging $50 to receive a scarf, or 10 people pledging $300 to receive a ruana cloak.

In this chart you can see when I stopped putting out the word about this project in order to handle my life and my business. You can also see that in order to meet my goal, I need to reach as many people every day as I have in the last few days. The problem is that I don't know where else to put out the word. I've notified my mailing list, every group list that I think it's appropriate to tell, all of my Facebook friends, and even put up a notice on Weavolution.

If you can think of somewhere else to put the word out, please leave a comment and let me know. I'll try just about anything (legal and ethical) at this point.

If you know of anyone that you think might back a project like this, please send them the following link. It contains a beautiful video of my work along with details of the Kickstarter program and the various rewards people can get for supporting our project.

Thanks so much for your help!


Barbara said...

are you a member of

it was originally intended to be knitting and crochet but has quickly grown to embrace spinning and weaving.

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Barbara. I'm not a member of Ravelry. I thought about posting there and decided that it seems rude to join a group just for the purpose of asking the members for money.

If this is a community that you're actively involved in, could you post something about my project?