Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project Management

This Summer has been crazy and now it's down to the wire to put on a good show in August. I have a great sense of how much time it takes to do things so when it's time to whip out the Project Management tools, I know enough to do it.

Well, yesterday I sat down to think about all of the parts of the things that need to be done. When I really thought about the dependencies I realized that I needed to gantt this one. I got the chart done and found that there isn't really any wiggle room in the schedule. If I'm going to have a finished booth and lots of cloth to show in it without absolutely killing myself, I need to do things very carefully.

In this chart, orange items are mine to do, green ones are Wispr's.

You'll notice that I'm working super hard on both the booth and the cloth with few items to do as the deadline approaches? That's because I know how things work. Something will come up that takes all of my time at some point in this process. I'm just leaving the space so that this can happen and it doesn't make my whole world crumble. See, experience is worth something after all...


Teresa Ruch said...

Plans are good, organzing is good but just don't be thrown off track when Life happens, things change and good things come your way as well as bad.

I have found it helpful to keep track of what colors and items sell in which locations. I usually sell more of certain color ways in a specific area and it is good to know for next time.


Blossom Merz said...

Thanks, Teresa!

I am a little neurotic about data, as you can probably tell. At the end of every event I generate a report that correlates the percentage of the merchandise available in each color with the percentage of sales in each color. It's the only way I could think of to get meaningful data from the limited palette that I have available.

I will eventually find a way to correlate color preferences with geography, median income, and time, but I haven't got enough data yet.