Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cutting, Sewing and Storage

The temporary basement studio is coming together! Today I put in another gigantic set of shelves to hold cloth and finished merchandise. Each shelf is a full 8x4 sheet of plywood. This storage area will also serve as a communication center, letting the cutter and the tailor see exactly what work there is to do.

This picture is extremely distorted because the space is so long and skinny. I had my back against a wall to take it.

As you look from left to right, you can see the 8' cutting table through the cloth shelf. Then comes the sewing work table, the sewing machine, and finally the yarn storage shelf. Behind the yarn shelf is a 6x8 general storage area.

And here's another view to show the size. On the far right you can see the shear wall on one side of the main weaving area. And yes, the sewing area really is that bright. It's nice when sewing to be able to see very well.

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