Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The purple cloth is happening fast!

The Autumn show season has seriously depleted the inventory and the studio move ate up the time that we needed to replenish it. So now, yet again, we're rushing to catch up. The uncluttered holiday show season should be enough time to refill the inventory shelves, but right now we've got to get enough done that the racks are full this coming weekend for the Invitational Artisan Fair at Trinity Episcopal in Portland.

For my next color I've chosen a navy and purple combo. This lets me weave cloth that looks bright blue, dark blue, or many variations on purple.

There are now three of us working in the new basement studio. I weave the cloth, Wispr stitches the ends, I wash and dry it, Audrey cuts the garments apart, and Wispr sews the cloaks. It's real teamwork in action!

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Sandra Rude said...

Really nice colors on those! Isn't it wonderful how you can change the cloth just by changing the weft color? Makes the process an exciting adventure.