Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photo Booth: Good Enough For Now

In anticipation of the arrival of my new photographic backdrop and in preparation for the Black Friday sale on my Etsy store, I've built a photo studio large enough to photograph my garments.

It's just my warm weather show booth with a wall from my bright white popup canopy used as a flash diffuser. The end result is a white box that bounces light from all angles.

What I've got for an illumination source is one remote flash unit that's triggered by the camera's flash. (The clip light is a "modeling light" to show me where the light is bouncing. It's too dim to actually show up against the flash.) The flash light does two things - it gets diffused through a translucent half-wall and enters through the open half of that wall to bounce around inside the studio. Since every surface is white, including the back wall on both sides of the camera, the light really travels around. It gets into every crevice so that even though there's only one light source, none of the shadows are truly black. And since the flash doesn't illuminate the cloth directly, all of the light looks very soft.

You can see the rest of the photos online in my Etsy Store

There is still a rack of items that need to be photographed and listed tomorrow in preparation for my Black Friday Sale.

I've finally solved the problem I've been having with Etsy. You see, I have not had enough inventory to let some sit aside just for Etsy. This means that I have had to take down my online store every time I go to do a show. Well, no more! I've allocated some inventory just for Etsy. It will be available even when I'm off at shows.

Tomorrow's todo list is pretty ambitious: set up a Black Friday sale on my Etsy shop, design and write a newsletter announcing my sale, including an additional discount for newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers, and finish the photography and listing on all my Etsy items before Thursday night.

If you're not signed up to receive my monthly newsletter, now would be a great time to subscribe and be included in this fantastic sale.


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