Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another "Too Quick" Update

I've gotten really serious, not only about losing the extra weight and getting in shape, but also educating myself on all aspects of diet, exercise, metabolism, and how they work together. To meet my goal of being down to my target weight by Winter Solstice, I'm spending about three hours a day hiking in the woods, doing interval training, and studying. This is drastically cutting into blogging time, but it won't last forever. I've lost an easy 10 pounds in just over a month, a third of my goal. I say easy because we've got great weather for exercise right now. It won't be so easy in the coming months as the days get shorter and the rains come.

In the studio, I've finished plying the threads for my next batch of cloth: a fully saturated blue that runs from slightly purple to slightly green.

Here is the beginning of the process: a few cones laid in a vague concept.

The dark blues are filling up.

...and here's the final result.

If you like rich, deep blues, this is going to be the cloth for you!

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