Sunday, September 30, 2012

Black To Blue

Here's a whirlwind tour of the last few days in the production weaving world. Remember the black beam that apprentices started weaving in June? Well, it's finally woven off. I needed the harnesses and reed to set up my next batch of cloth.

When the beam gets this close to done, I switch to weaving möbius scarves.

See the blue beam in the background? Real photos will come off the camera tomorrow...

Shuttles for three möbius scarves...

A couple scarves coming off the loom...

And look how good I did getting my sections all the same length. The fates smiled and put the two mistakes on the edges. And they're longer than the others so there's no wasted cloth at all.

I decided to squeeze one extra scarf off this beam, leaving me very short ends to tie onto the next beam.

And here's the "outside the loom" view of today's work: tying on 10 sections. And don't worry, those ends are taped in place. I just pulled them all out at once so I have a visual confirmation of my goal.

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