Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gap In My Photography

I have always tried to document my process, more so after starting a blog, and even more so when I opened a web store. But, there's one glaring gap in my photography coverage and it revealed itself while preparing to submit vendor forms for summer craft shows.

"Please provide one large photograph of the artist at work." Aw, crud! I never take pictures of myself at work because I'm the one holding the camera. And the loom is all taken apart as I add internal supports to my beam and wait for the red yarn to arrive. This means I can't shoot weaving process photos this week.

I've sent out the call to my friends to see if someone has snapped a photo I can use, but so far nothing. Maybe I'll just have to get dressed up next to an empty loom or take pictures of myself winding bobbins or something. And from now on I'll enlist my friends to use my camera to shoot photos while I weave.

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