Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kickstarter Project: Help Me Spread The Word?

It's an exciting time in the business right now. I've just moved into a new studio space and received a shipment of yarn. My friends are joining in the work more and more all the time.

And today we launched a big project that I've been keeping under my hat until it was ready for the world to see. We're using to raise $5-10,000 in 45 days to help buy the amount of yarn that will give me some freedom in my designs and buffer against yarn supply issues.

These things are becoming important as I try to grow the business to support a small community by this Autumn. We're forming a new crafts monastery where we focus on our connection to the divine through the act of creation. Weaving is the first craft, but others will surely follow.

We will start out on rented land this fall, but plan to buy our own within a couple of years.
I can really use your help in getting the word out. I would really appreciate if you could tell people about what I've been doing and give them this link:

And one important thing to mention is the rewards aspect of Kickstarter projects. Everyone who donates will receive some of my weaving, and might even get to choose what warp color I weave next. The success of this project depends on widespread support, so please help spread the word in any way that you can.

Thank you!

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