Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Loom: Deconstructing, Reconstructing

Here are two time lapse movies, one of taking the loom apart, and another of putting it back together in the new studio.

I don't know if I ever mentioned that I do all of this stuff directly on my iPod now. All of the panoramas, movies, time lapse, HDR photography, blog writing and more. These tiny computers are amazing.

This video turned out great. It captures about two hours' work in two minutes.

This video is great except that out of a large studio space, a tiny spider decided that the place to hang out would be directly on the lens of my iPod camera. He shows up about halfway through, obscures the scene during the part of the setup when the most pieces are being attached, and disappears in time for the boring fiddling. Ah, well!

I think it's actually kind of funny. I'm sure there's some kind of message there. You know - weaver, spider, that sort of thing. I put him outside and told him that he would be welcome back if he didn't mess up my work.


Erik said...

Nice loom. My PDL wants to be like your when it grows up. (No fly shuttle, sectional beam, or auto cloth advance)

Pickyknitter said...

Very cool. Good luck in your new digs! I loved the tip in the "apart" video to rest large pieces on a chair and to rest the frame on a cone of yarn? bucket? as a helper. I didn't think of that when putting my floor loom together and it was a pain in the buns.

Sandra Rude said...

Congratulations on the new workshop! May the weaving deities smile upon the new space, and your endeavors therein. I know what a challenge it is to move these big looms from one place to another - you did a great job!
Cheers - Sandra