Thursday, December 15, 2011

Booth Shots

Yesterday I ticked off another dependency for my 2012 show season. Before I get into the good shows I need to apply to them. Before I can apply, I need good photographs, including one booth shot.

It's tough to take good shots at a show. By the time my booth is ready to photograph, there is too much traffic to set up a tripod and lighting. I realized that you'd never see a booth at a show with no neighbors, so I set up my jankety old canopy "next door" and put some walls on it. The shots look much better with just that one context cue.

After about eight hours of setup, shooting, teardown, and photo processing, here are the two shots that I consider useable.

Even still, I'll probably only use the first one. The corner shot just has too much going on. It's tough to see how customers would interact with the space.

And, did you notice the thing that changed since Roseburg? I got rid of the two-bar hanger rack and put in the four-panel gridwall display that I designed at that show. It does indeed show the scarves better while opening up more floor space.

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