Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo Backdrop

I found a few hours to get started on the more professional photography that is required for the better shows in the midst of planning for next year while shipping out Kickstarter rewards, weaving purple cloth, and preparing for the next beam.

Above, you can see how much I learned just today. My first attempts to hang the backdrop were pretty dismal. The wrinkles completely obscured the subtlely of the mottled backdrop.

I was hanging the backdrop like a shower curtain, allowing the top edge to be slack, and allowing those awful wrinkles to appear. Finally, I removed the "curtain rod" and tacked the backdrop directly to the wooden frame of the booth structure, every 6", taut as a drum.

The other thing I needed to test was the full range of garment colors. They all worked! Each color looks just like it should and has the right amount of contrast with the backdrop. This is WAY better than the white drapes I used for my Etsy photos. I mean, look at the difference! (Note: the colors are different because these are different garments.)

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