Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black Beam Is Wound Asymmetrically!

All of my designs thus far have been symmetrical. Some have a single fade on each side and some have a double fade. For my next set of garments, I've decided to change it up bit and explore long, slow fades. This will give more iterations of my bookmatched pattern for contemplation. It also give more flexibility in terms of matching my cloth to your wardrobe. When one side is thrown over the shoulder, the pure black and purple will dominate. When the other side is thrown, the blue and teal undertone comes to the front.

So yes, this cloth is black, but it's the most vibrantly colorful and versatile black that I've designed. If you missed out the last black beam, you might think about ordering a piece from this batch. Blog readers still get 25% off!

See that bright white thread? This was at the suggestion of Karen, my friend and seamstress. It will make the sewing of garments much easier if there's a clear marker dead-center on the cloth. It is a single strand of heavy sewing thread to make it stand out like a beacon and make it simple to pull out once the sewing is done.

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