Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome Back Email Subscribers!

Well, darn!

I just discovered a slew of communication problems arising from a number of complicated sources.

First, I discovered that something had broken with the system that grabs my blog posts and emails them out to people who want to read my blog that way. The system didn't notify me that it was broken and I haven't checked in on it in months. Oops.

And then I found another, more obtuse problem. With multiple email accounts and multiple devices, I depend on services like IMAP to work correctly and keep everything synced up. Well, it broke for one of my accounts. Again, I don't know when. I do know, however, that there are a slew of important emails floating in the aether, having never been put into the stream that I read. It didn't fail completely, mind you. I would have noticed that. It just decided to hold SOME of my mail unread and unsynced with no discernible reason.

I'm currently trying to fix the situation by manually downloading 14,545 unread emails. Then comes the onerous task of weeding out mailing lists and spam from real emails and finally, biting the bullet and responding to months-old emails.

If you sent me an email and are awaiting a reply, you might try resending it. Otherwise, I'll probably find it and respond later in the week.

Honestly, I'm not that great about keeping up correspondence, but I'm not usually this bad, even in the winter. Sheesh!

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