Thursday, January 24, 2013

Black Sample Blanket: Time To Place Custom Orders!

It's that time again! A new sample blanket is hung on the wall and I'm weaving like a mad person to get cloth to the seamstress in time to pick up finished garments on my way to the first show of the 2013 season.

I said in my post about the warp that this is the first asymmetrical cloth that I've designed and woven. The asymmetry makes it a challenge to photograph because not only does each weft color look different, the two edges of the cloth look different.

I've done my best to give representative closeups, but if there's one that you like in particular and you want to place an order, I'll send more shots of your chosen stripe so you can be sure.

Here are the bobbins left after weaving the first two stripes, seen hanging below. One change from bobbins to cloth... I removed the black and added purple.

I wove these just to see what extreme contrast would look like. Unless someone orders a custom piece, I will not be weaving garments in this range. The weft overshadows the warp gradient that's the defining element of my style.

Dark green, Teal

Three shades of blue with clear mokume. Stand back and squint to see the stripes. (Or look back at the photo of the whole blanket.)

Ultramarine and purple. (Sorry, the pure bright purple one is already claimed. I can weave one in a slightly darker purple if you like.)

Pink and red.

I want to talk a little more about ordering custom items. I can't do custom garment design and sewing. That's just not where my talent lies. What I am offering when I say "custom order" is to weave a piece of cloth with a custom weft. As you see in the photos above, weft color changes the cloth immensely, especially with a predominantly black warp.

As with the last batch of black cloth, it's more expensive than my regular cloth. I still have to buy most of my black thread at a much higher cost than the other colors. Here are the prices for garments from this beam:

Regular Ruana - $460
Sofa Throw - $400
Short Ruana - $345
Square Shawl - $230
Möbius Scarf - $80

And, as always, blog readers get 25% off from these prices and free shipping. Just send me a message with the garment style and your preferred weft color from the samples above.

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