Friday, February 1, 2013


Today we celebrated Candlemas in a traditional way, by making and blessing the candles that will burn on the altar in the coming year. And it was a gorgeous, sunny day which traditionally means that we're in for bad weather until the equinox.

Each batch of votives takes about 2 hours to completely cool, including "filling the well" so we got an early start.

We're working with two types of wax: affordable but unexciting paraffin and expensive artisan beeswax from an apiary in Berkeley. It smells incredible and will get burned for special occasions.

The first pouring.

Second pouring, cooling outside.

Third pouring, wicks at the ready.

After the fourth pouring. Done!

And tonight, to celebrate the holiday, we're burning a little of the beeswax. The whole house smells like honey. Happy Candlemas!


Pickyknitter said...

What a great tradition. I have all the equipment to make candles stashed in a cupboard, I think tomorrow will be candle day!

Blossom Merz said...

Hey! Your comment snuck past me. Did you do it? It's a great feeling to have a chest full of light stored up for the coming season. :)