Wednesday, February 6, 2013

White Beam Is Coming Together

The upcoming month is going to be an utter whirlwind. It's already starting, really.

Yes, I'm moving the studio again. This time, however, the weaving doesn't have to stop dead while I do it. If I plan right, my apprentice in Portland will be able to do some weaving while I pack up and move.

For that to happen, I need to make sure that there is enough weaving prepared to keep him busy even when my studio is reduced to detritus in boxes. To that end, I'm winding another beam.

The last one was mostly black. This one is mostly white.

Here's the rough color layout: white to brown/grey.

And a closeup of the brown/grey yarn that's hiding in the back corner.

And here is my above-average sized collection of oversized "accent" threads. It's going to be tough to work them into the design, but the resulting cloth should be even more natural and organic than normal.

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