Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Last Temporary Studio

The process of moving to the new temporary studio has begun! I signed the lease yesterday, got the keys and unpacked the loaded van that I brought with me.

I had a nifty realization as I started to think about the space. I travel with my own walls now. In order to set up a quick and dirty retail space with an "open studio" and storage in the back, I need to divide it up and make sure that customer-facing areas look nice. Well, that giant flexible baby gate will be beautiful if I stretch it out and hang canvas on the back side.

For now, it's just isolating the yurt parts into their own corner.

I don't know if I've really kept y'all up to date on what's happening... I'm renting the studio space in Wolf Creek while I finalize the details of getting a chunk of land and building a portable off-grid homestead. I've got one gorgeous sixteen-foot yurt. There is a second one, twenty feet wide, under construction by a semi-local yurt builder. I'm currently finalizing the platform plans and preparing to schedule with the builder to get it built. The target move-in date is June 1st. That leaves me three months to get the other little details like power and water nailed down.

Especially once the construction begins, it will be much easier to manage all of this if I'm in the town where the land is. Besides, there are tourists in this town who might stumble into my pop-up shop and pay my rent for me. It doesn't take much income to make a rural space pay for itself.

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