Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Flu...

Well, it's here. My once-every-winter, two-days-in-bed flu.

It's just very inconvenient timing. I'm supposed to be finishing the white cloth design, removing that beam from the loom and moving the entire studio to Wolf Creek. Instead, I'm sipping tea while sleeping in a 20 degree sleeping bag all day long.

Today I woke up just long enough to submit three show applications and pay my Washington State sales tax bill. Yes, it's late and yes, I have to pay a 5% penalty. I just didn't have the cash to pay it on time. Next year, for sure.

One of my roommates made a Greek salad and lemon-chicken soup for tonight's dinner. Thanks, Tien, for the lemons. Thanks, Harlan, for the salad and soup. I'm feeling better already.

Sleepy time tea with half n half. Extra calories, extra fluids, and a nice relaxing feeling.


Erin said...

Flu, ugh. Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your sick. Love your blog, and am rooting for your success in all your endeavors!