Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And Then There Were Two

This morning the studio and shop got an upgrade. There are now two looms in here.

I once heard an interview with a man who moves bridges for a living. If a town has a beautiful old bridge that isn't serving in its current location, he will build special equipment to lift it in one piece and move it. It costs millions of dollars, takes a long time and requires a lot of planning. One quote stands out to me from the interview, "Every project is unique. Before you start, you just have to think it all the way through." This seems like a massive understatement!

Well, I am juggling so many balls right now that I'm not able to think everything all the way through. I finished threading the white beam yesterday and realized that I don't have a reed of the right size to sley this batch of cloth.

But I do have a batch of weaving that was supposed to go to the apprentice. Sooooo, I'm now weaving the black cloth while I wait for the reed to arrive. This will require a second loom to be set up in the space. I knew it would have to be eventually.

Then, as soon as the reed arrives I'll sley it, weave the sample blanket and a few sets of garments before it goes off to the apprentice. And then it's time to wind two more batches of cloth back-to-back, which means I need to inventory and buy yarn pretty quickly here. It's a whirlwind!

Oh, yeah, and don't forget I'm building the platform for a home in two weeks. Really!?

Alice commented yesterday about how full the white beam is. Yeah. There's not room for one more yard of thread on it. I need to get as absolutely much cloth off of each beam as I can. It was a little harrowing winding it and then moving the overfull beam to the new studio. But I did it and it worked just fine.

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