Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Homestead Development

The homestead development is flying along. I've set a goal to have everything possible done by November first. The only things left in the studio after that will be necessary for weaving, and they'll stay there only until I get the cover for the large studio yurt. Then there will be a very busy few days as I erect the yurt, install the wood stove, move the looms, and clean out the empty room that I currently call my studio.

Yeah, these COULD be leveled up and steadied, but I don't have the time right now. This arrangement will do the job of keeping things off the ground and letting *some* air flow around them.

Here's the first cord of wood. Two more will fit in this shed and probably get me through most of the winter. I won't know until I start using it.

The decision to keep the 16' yurt as storage space for this first Winter has made another decision easier: where to set up the giant storage racks from the studio. The space beneath the deck isn't tall enough. Well, they fit nicely inside the yurt. Well, not really nicely. I think "barely" is the word I'm looking for.

One rack takes up about half of the central floor space. The second one will take up the other half, but because of the wall height and the roof slope, there is plenty of space to walk around them. (Yes, each of those shelves is a full sheet of plywood. It's a TON of storage space.)

Notice that the corners of the rack are about an inch from the ceiling with about two feet of space between them and the wall. Weird and, thankfully, functional.

Since this yurt won't be insulated or heated, everything stored in it will need to be sealed in plastic tubs. I think it'll be mostly yarn, which needs to be near the studio without filling up its working space.

And now it's time to weave until the next load of wood arrives. Life at the moment is really quite a balancing act.


Katie said...

You're making me tired already! Just found your blog recently. Lovely weavings.

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks, Katie. If it wasn't for caffeine and the knowledge that I'll be sleeping in the cold if I don't get this stuff done, I probably wouldn't have the energy, either. :)