Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Studio Yurt Is Happening!

This post is another quick one with lots of pictures to tell the story. I've just returned from an epic journey. I rotated and balanced my tires, got an oil change, and then drove for three solid days to the border of Mexico and back.

The theme color for this month is Gold and Saffron. Here's a snapshot from the day before I left.

And then, next thing I knew I was almost to San Diego.

By the time I arrived and spent a little time with a friend who lives down there, it was time for bed. It was strange to see city lights illuminating a skyline defined by palm trees.

I woke up and had a little time to take in the nature and see what the locals do on Saturday morning. Volleyball and surfing are high on the list.

I arrived at home of "The Yurt Dude" to find most of the parts out of the storage space already. Wow, it's beautiful!

We packed all of the parts in the van quickly but carefully. Anything that could shift has been strapped tight to the wall.

Two more days of driving and a few hours of unpacking found the yurt parts nestled in the current studio.

The Yurt Guy felt bad about taking so long to arrive at a delivery date after I paid him so he gave me quite a few "extras". This Mongolian daybed frame is one of those things. It's gorgeous! I need to create the mattress support system and acquire a mattress, but those are easy.

Here's a neat little detail about getting furniture that designed for a yurt. There was quite a lot of thought put into a mechanism by which the back of the daybed could follow the curve of the wall. It's done with hinges and brackets.

And then this morning I received the "good news" email from the company that's providing me with insulation and covers for this yurt. They will be able to get them to me sooner than we expected. I will certainly be set up in the new studio before December first. Yes!

This photo shows the three major projects in my life at the moment. In the front you can see my new booth. Behind that, there are two looms in action at the moment - one dressed in blue and one in red. Behind that is the yurt.


Hilary said...

I have a friend in Oregon who is looking for a used AVL dobby loom, was just wondering if you would keep your eye out for one?
I love the Mongolian bed...love the orange......your yurts are going to be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh Blossom, the studio yurt is going to be so peaceful and beautiful. Absolutely love the daybed - very special. I am looking forward to seeing the mattress and covers you make for it.


Theresa said...

Oh my heavens! How did I miss this blog? Seems that Cindie, Thistle Rose and Hilary ( who steered me here) all knew about you but I didn't. Some major work going on there and some especially beautiful weaving too. BTW, I am the friend in Oregon Hilary is referring to looking for a Mechanical dobby AVL. Outside of Ashland, but I have to sell my Louet Hollandia to even think about buying. So glad I can tune in and see one in "action" though locally!

eldri said...

Hhmmm... frame+rope for the mattress support? looks like good storage space under there,too
thanks for the flying visit!

eldri said...

Hhmmm... frame+rope for the mattress support? looks like good storage space under there,too

thanks for the flying visit!

Katie said...

That's a beautiful yurt! A surround sound (visual) of beauty = creative and beautiful weavings and a peaceful, happy heart.

BloggerPlus App said...

Thanks, y'all for the good wishes and compliments. My old commenting software is broken so I've fallen woefully behind on my blog correspondence.

Hilary, I'll send you an email about your friend who's looking for an AVL. I have a couple of them for sale.