Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Water Emergency

Well, so much for weaving today!

We had our first sustained hard rain since I put up the new yurt and both aspects of my waterproofing have failed spectacularly.

The first thing I noticed was water passing under my caulked curb as if it wasn't even there. I'm spending the day mopping water away from the lattice and drying towels over the stove. Back to the drawing board!

I knew this was a possibility so I put the loom up on yogurt lids to keep it dry.

Next, I noticed that some of the water in the yurt was dripping from the wool to the inside of the curb.

Alert! Alert! Alert!

I realized that the canvas cover was conducting water through to the Tyvek. Since I didn't expect this, I was lazy about how I installed that layer. The roof drained to the INSIDE of the Tyvek layer on the walls.

Well, I yanked up the outer cover and changed that overlap in a hurry.

Now the roof sheds away from the wool.

So now I've cranked up the wood stove and used soup cans to create a vent so I can dry out the wool as fast as possible. It only got wet in a couple of places, but I do not want that moisture transferring to the lattice or sitting in the wool for very long.

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