Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yurts Are Stable!

First, a glamor shot.

My friends have asked me how I expect to get any work done when my environment is so beautiful that I just want to stare at it. The answer is that I don't know. I do spend a lot of time looking up at the ceiling.

Aaand, I do get plenty of work done, too, somehow. Today I got bold and moved the entire yurt back about two feet while straightening up the door.

Door before, leaning out.

Door after, upright and back a couple feet.

This was actually pretty easy to achieve. A friend came over to spot me while I jostled the lattice walls a little at a time. I stretched the yurt to an oval and contracted it back to a circle, over and over, a few inches at a time.

The stove gives a good idea of how far the yurt moved. See where the pipe ended up?

Then some friends came over to see the new place and treat me to a new experience: an iPad-based home show. They were selecting a cloak for Mom and couldn't decide on a color so called her up on video chat and got her feedback.

Here's a panorama of their shopping environment. Even with all of my possessions out on the deck, it's a beautiful place to shop if I do say so myself.

We had a lot of fun! This is Chandra, who commissioned the first short cloak and launched a whole new product line. I still call that length "The Chandra" in her honor.

I finally brought in some light. This is one of the strips from my booth. I switched to LED lights in the booth so I could run it off a battery if I had to. A side benefit is that I can bring the lights into my home when I'm not at a show.

See how nice it looks? And with the stove hooked back up it's toasty, too.

I switched back to candle light for my evening meditation and watched the moon travel across the skylight. Good night!

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