Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tomorrow Could Be Yurt Day!

This past weekend was a Holiday Food & Gift Fair in Portland. I discovered that it's not my kind of show. People want to spend a little bit of money on items for others. I sell pretty expensive items that most people buy for themselves.

I did do a little shopping, though. Look how well these bowls imported from Turkey match the color and pattern theme from the yurt.

I rushed home to cross the t's and dot the i's on the preparation for yurt setup day.

First I refolded all of the covers so that they could easily be placed on the roof tomorrow. It will be nice to just set them on the edge of the roof, flip them up, roll them out and be done.

Then it was time to finish up the installation of the wood stove pipe by cutting a hole in the tin section of the vinyl cover.

Thankfully our friend Badger, who you will remember as the man who helped me design and build my platform, was in town with all of his tin working tools.

It was simple to snip down the tin and get it all fitted to the stovepipe hardware.

Then I fitted and temporarily installed the heatproof rubber flange. It will need to be taped down once it's installed for real.

I checked to make sure that I'll be able to roll up the cover for ventilation if the yurt gets too hot. With the amount of wool on the roof, I'm a little concerned that it will be too hot until I learn to modulate the new stove.

I identified a future problem with this setup. I'll either shave down the metal bracket, pad it with foam, or do something else so that it doesn't tear a hole in the cover.

The weather report tells me that tomorrow might be the day that we get it set up. If it doesn't rain, I'll be sleeping in the brand new, insulated, wood-heated studio yurt tomorrow night.


Katie said...

So, how are you going to get up there to pull the cover back for ventilation?

BloggerPlus App said...

The roof is so short that I can just stand on a chair in front of the wood stove and pull it back by hand. It's awesome for those times when the fire exerts its own will and tries to cook me in the night!