Friday, January 13, 2012

Booth Setup Photo Essay

Yeah, I know that a photo essay is a blog writer's cop-out. I'm at the Oregon Wine, Food & Brew Festival in Salem right now. It runs from 4 'til 10 today so I set up early and have just a little time to run errands before the customers arrive.

Here's how the booth came together this morning. I really like the new gridwall arrangement. It makes for a much more spacious booth.

...and I forgot my camera tripod so there may not be a photo taken with the real camera. I'll try it and see what I get.

Besides, this room with its HORRIBLE mercury-vapor lighting makes it abundantly clear that I must come up with a way to suspend my own lights in the aisle pointing at the front of the racks. You know, that part of the booth that potential customers see first when they're trying to decide if this is something that they are interested in? The spectral profile (or lack thereof) of mercury vapor absolutely destroys the ability to perceive color. My red cloth, for instance, looks like a monochrome brown. This is totally unacceptable to someone who spends all day and night obsessing about the subtleties of color.

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Laura said...

It is so very important to get good lighting for your textiles!

Good luck with the show,