Saturday, January 7, 2012

Looking Forward To 2012

At last, only a week into the new year, I'm writing up my general goals for the year. These goals are important because they keep my focus from wandering too far afield. I've got a million things that I want to do with my life, but these are the ways I'm choosing to direct my actions for the coming year. You'll notice that there are many ways that this could be streamlined and cleaned up, but it's good enough for now. I'd rather spend my time meeting the goals than too much time defining them.

The goals:

1. Do better shows. This means doing what I need to improve my photography and copy writing for applications. Then, I need to speed up production so that I have more colors in stock at any given time, and roll out some new garment designs.

2. Set up California and Washington business licenses.

3. Find, apply for, travel to, and sell at good shows in California and Washington.

4. Work with community development specialists to develop the specific vision, foundation, and execution plans for our new community.

5. Help spread my newly acquired business skills into my community through online support forums and a business-focused gathering.

6. Personal money goals: acquire health insurance and start a retirement fund. These are important and long overdue.

7. Personal education goals: keep learning Welsh and choose a musical instrument to learn. Homemade music is an important part of community living to me, and I want to support it by learning to create it myself.

You'll notice that most of my goals aren't very specific. They're very open to interpretation throughout the year. As opportunities arise, I'll compare them to my goals and decide whether this is the time to pursue them. Activities and expenditures that further one of these goals will get bumped higher in priority and those that don't will drop down and probably be skipped altogether.

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Andrew Kieran said...

always look forward to your posts and watching you learn more about business and design as you go on. You're helping us all learn to be more organized. keep up the good work :)