Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stone Grey Batch Is Started!

At a certain point with every batch of cloth, I have to stop planning and start DOING. Today is that day for the stone grey cloth.

For more painting metaphor: I've spent a lot of time mixing my paints and now it's time to transfer those colors from the palette to the canvas - the threads from the shelf to the loom. And I realized this morning that I'm a little scared. I'm quite comfortable with colors - bold, saturated colors. These generally evoke images of beautiful things: flowers, fruit, gems, tropical fish, autumn leaves, etc.

Once the saturation drop to about 50% I start getting uncomfortable. There are lots of unsavory things with unsaturated colors, and I want none of them to come to mind when looking at my cloth. There are also many beautiful unsaturated things: tree bark, desert plants, animal fur, and stone.

It's that last one that's my inspiration for this batch of cloth. I want it to invoke exposed layers of sedimentary stone lit in the noonday sun. My awareness of the incredible expense of the threads I'm using combined with my awareness of how little spare cash I have and my discomfort of unsaturated shades has me wishing that there was some certainty that the cloth would turn out beautiful.

But there is no certainty. I just have to trust my muse. I'm showing up to do the work. If the muse shows up, the cloth will be stunning. If not, it will be saleable and probably all gone in six months anyhow. No problem.


Sandra Rude said...

I think it will be beautiful! Nature is beautiful, but not always in saturated color.

Sandrine said...

This looks gorgeous!

Some mobius scarfs in this color and you'll hit even the sportswear people's strings!

Alice said...

What a beautiful palette. So rich and complex! It will reward the viewer up close.