Friday, August 31, 2012

Cold Shower Therapy

A few days ago I said I'd write more about the Cold Shower Therapy recommended by Joel Runyon, who does impossible things.

I gave it a try, thinking "What have I got to lose?" Well, after the first time I was hooked. It really flipped a switch inside my head that made me aware of all the other things that I wasn't doing because I was afraid that they would not be fun or easy. You know what? They're not fun or easy, but they're not as hard as rubbing icy water on your body for five minutes, either.

In just a week I've become an anti-procrastinator. (Let's see if it lasts, right?) Every time I turn around I'm aware of another project that needs my attention. Right now I'm committing to unpack and remove one box from my room every day that I'm home until they're all gone. On top of that, I find myself spontaneously taking out trash, doing laundry, and putting things where they belong throughout the day. It's kind of amazing.

On top of all that, I've been reading up on cold shower therapy for other uses. Well, it turns out to have a number of amazing health benefits. The one that really struck a chord with me is the effect that cold showers can have on depression. For most of human history, we've been bathing in cold water. Many people in the world don't have hot water even today. Well, it turns out that, for some people, depression can be lessened with "thermal stress". It seems to move "things" around inside the body in important ways. (Aren't you impressed with the depth of my understanding?) Since I've combined it with vigorous exercise and a change in diet, I can't be sure if I'm one of those people. I can say, though, that I have had more energy and positive outlook in the last week than at any other time that I can remember.

After my thirty days, if the depression starts to come back even with my continued diet and exercise, I'll know what to do next! Brrr....

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