Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Yarn!

Before the trip to Washington I was almost out of yarn. I know this is hard to believe, but I had less than 500 pounds left and not enough of any one colorway to weave a whole batch of cloth. Uh-oh!

It takes some time for my suppliers to pack and ship my orders so I took a risk. I ordered thousands of dollars in yarn at a time when I had almost nothing in the bank. Thankfully, the shows did just as well as I thought they would and I was able to pay for all this yarn well within my NET60 terms. And who said I wasn't a gamboling man?

To save money I have my yarn shipped to a commercial address: Select Designs in Wolf Creek, the same folks who sew my ruanas.

Here's the stack of yarn in their shop, 700 pounds of it.

Now, you have to remember that I'm on my way home from a show. This means that I have a van that's already packed to the gills. My choice was to drive back up to Wolf Creek to pick up the yarn (a three-hour venture) or find a way to make it fit. I chose the latter.

And here are those boxes unloaded into the newly rearranged garage.

Then was the fun part, opening the boxes. It's like a long, physically exerting version of Christmas.

There weren't many new colors, but it was exciting nonetheless.

But now comes the ever present challenge... How do I store it so I know what I have and keep it all accessible?

Remember the giant shelves from last Winter's basement studio? One set is upstairs to hold tools, finished cloth and garments. The other set was waiting until the day that I really needed them. Well, that's today.

So, there we have it - 700 pounds of yarn trucked home, checked in, and stored on a "new" shelf.

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