Sunday, August 19, 2012

Planning For New Photography

When I was up in the Seattle area, I got in touch with a photographer friend of mine to see if he'd be interested in helping me create new images for the next season of show jurying.

Why do I need new photos? When I was applying to shows last year, one of them offered a fantastic service: for an extra $10, the jury would write out some feedback and mail it to me. Well, I decided to go for it. I was not accepted into that show, but they told me exactly why. Among other things, they wanted to see my garments modeled on real people.

Working with live models? Eeek! That takes actual photographic skill. I mean, I can futz around all day in the studio getting the garment to look "just so". But with real people wearing the stuff? I have no idea where to begin.

So I called Adrain and asked if I could hire him to do it. He said yes!

In this post I've included a couple of his images. You can read more about him and see more of his work by visiting his website:

The thing that made me think of Adrain is his ability to truly capture the essence of the person in front of the lens. Their personality just shines through. If I'm using models to show off my work, I really want those people to look vibrant, lively, and great!

We've got the shoot scheduled for the end of October in Portland. The leaves should be changing at that time so we can have a variety of rich hues in our backgrounds.

I've got two models lined up, but am still looking for two more. The features that I have not got covered are these: tall, long hair, masculine, mature. If you or someone you know could fill one or more of these gaps, drop me a line! To pay the models, I'm offering a garment of your choice and digital copies of the images in return for a whole day's work. It will entail driving to various locations in and around Portland and posing in several garments at each location. I'll take care of the modest transport and refreshments to keep us all happy.

I've never done anything like this before and I am excited! It'll be nice to have jury photos, but it's going to be a good time, too. I'm kind of treating it like a fun little vacation.

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