Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maritime Sights

I came home to find us in the midst of a heat wave. It's been over 100 degrees every day with no end in sight. By contrast, the places I just returned from have beautiful weather: cool, breezy, and damp.

When I arrived in the area I couldn't help but notice the maritime theme woven into every part of life there. Anacortes was a ship-building town, for instance. Every antique shop is packed with nautical tchotchkes.

Here's a paddle boat converted into a museum in Anacortes.

And here's a pretty boat on a river in Seattle. I took this shot while we waited for the drawbridge to open.

And while I was in Coupeville, I saw a tall ship and realized that it was the one that my friend works on, the Hawaiian Chieftain.

He took me onboard and gave me a tour. It's a beautiful ship and sails fairly often under sail power with the help of a skilled crew.

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