Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bigger Van

This week has been very strange.

I've been trying for months to arrange pickup of a van that recently came to me from a friend in Oakland. It was an offer I couldn't refuse, but I had no way to get it up here.

Why do I want a new van? Well, my current van is mechanically unreliable and very small. It felt downright dangerous pulling a packed trailed with it back in October. I want a van that is long enough to hold full-length lumber and powerful enough to manage the trailer safely.

Well, on Tuesday my prayers were answered in a very unusual way. Someone stopped by the land unnannounced, asking if anyone would like a ride to San Francisco, leaving immediately.

Poof! I had a bag packed in about 20 minutes and was heading down to get my van. I stayed a couple extra days in Oakland, had dinner with my family, and drove home. This is not how I envisioned this week, and I'm still scrambling to catch up.

This new van needs some lovin', and it'll be a few weeks at least before I can pay for the registration. Once she's all polished up, this is going to be a great vehicle for me.

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