Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weaving Video: Winding A Sectional Beam

This video shows how I wrangle 39 cones of yarn simultaneously as I wind the sectional beam on my 60" AVL production dobby loom.

Thank goodness my friend has started helping me this week. He can ply about 10 cones an hour, while I empty 39 cones in 4 hours. After he finished the first day of plying, we are keeping perfect pace with each other.

And when he's not winding, he can do other things like shoot videos of me doing the various parts of the process. It all started because I was lamenting that I can't sit and watch the cones unwind simultaneously. I'm too busy making sure the threads go where they're supposed to. Once I saw the video, I want to sit and watch it even more. It's cool!


Teresa Ruch said...

A trick another production weaver told me about was to purchase clear tubing from the hardware store that will fit over the pegs on the sectional beam. Cut them longer that the peg and place one on each peg on each side of the section you are winding on. The tubing curves, angle it so it creates a funnel onto the section. It directs the threads into the right placement. Move the first set of tubes to the next section.
When he went from 80 yds to 100 yd warp he placed the tubing from one peg to the next one up. This gave a greater depth to the back beam but the tubing is flexible enough to not jam into the loom and stop the rotation of the beam.

Teresa Ruch

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks, Teresa!

Those are great tips. I'll have to give it a try on my next beam. Changing thing in the middle of winding these long beams is never a good idea.