Monday, April 11, 2011

Jewel Tone Closeups

Yesterday I wrote about Harlan and all the thread plying he's been doing for me. After that, I thought of a way to show the result of all that work: a closeup of the threads for one section all spread out and separated.

And while Harlan and I were winding, this little guy fell from the ceiling. I just had to see what he looked like next to the warp threads.

Well, my cloth is too cool for his coloration to blend with even the warmest section, which I happened to be winding when he arrived... But, if I warmed up the warp to a golden forest green, he would match perfectly. Thanks to photo editing software, I can try it out.

I've got plans to weave a beam of forest green this year. Maybe an area with warm golds in it would be a good idea. I'll go ahead and buy the gold thread with my next order. I'd better watch out, though! Too much gold and customers tell me it makes them look jaundiced.

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