Sunday, April 3, 2011

Etsy Photography: Still a ton of work left

I have a tendency to focus on tiny details, that's why I'm a weaver. With my cloth, I can keep the big picture in mind while I'm doing it, but that isn't always the case in other things.

Today I was looking at other ways that people might find my store and seeing what it looked like in those views.

I tried "Shop Local". And there I am. See that monochrome stripe of brown and white icons? Even if each one was perfect, which isn't the case, the overall effect is BORING!

It looks like time to haul my posing dummy around the land and take a series of location shots to use for main product icons.


Teresa Ruch said...

One of the comments that judges that jury for shows comment on is that they want to see the same background on all the shots. I was also told by one jury that I had too much red (two garments were red, my best selling color)in my shots. Do you have a close up of your fabric to show the texture somewhere? You are also selling the romance of the rustic cabin in the woods and a simplier life in your picture. (nice thing. Just add more color as soon as you have it done.
Teresa Ruch

Blossom Merz said...

Hi, Teresa,

I can see your point with regards to getting things juried. For Etsy, though, I think people want variety. And you're right, the rustic cabin is part of the rustic reality of my life. There are lots of beautiful spots on this land, though. I think a few shots on the deck over the creek, outside the orchard, etc. might be a nice change to the monotony of that one corner of my cabin.

Thanks for the feedback!