Friday, September 9, 2011

Booth Roof Extension

Last weekend I saw something that was new to me. People had detachable roof overhangs for their booths. When the sun was shining straight into my booth, I got out a yardstick and checked the effect of adding an extension. 4' of roof would stop the sun from shining on 50% of the booth floor, from which the heat rises into the booth.

And so I built one. It's pretty simple, really. I used cable ties to attach 1x2s to the existing roof joists, cut a piece of canvas to fit, and sewed on some grosgrain to tie it up with.

To keep the overlap in place in the wind, I'll use safety pins to hold the two layers together. Good enough for now!

The zip tie attachment method isn't the prettiest, but it's simple, flexible, and stable.

After I took these photos I painted the wood to match.

Now I'm off to try it out at the Bandon Cranberry Festival. If you're in the area, come on out to this beautiful little town on the coast!

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